We say “our specialty is you,” and that’s the way we work. Everything we do is guided by an understanding and sensitivity to what’s best for our clients

Members of the firm’s Corporate Finance group have performed a wide range of services for businesses seeking financing. These services have included advising clients and performing all legal services relating to such matters as: public and private offerings; financings with banks and other institutional lenders; mergers and acquisitions; leveraged buy-outs; “going private” transactions; corporate formation and “start-up” activities; limited partnership syndications for purposes of research and development, oil and gas, real estate, and passive income generation; offerings made utilizing the Internet; “34 Act” registrations and filings; proxy statements and other aspects of shareholders meetings; stock exchange registrations and related matters; compensation, incentive and benefit plans for corporate officers, directors, “insiders” and corporate employees; and other business financing transactions and related matters.

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