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Becoming more knowledgeable on any topic is a good thing. There are times when you need to learn the details of a topic but you don’t necessarily need one of our attorneys to explain it to you. You can use these white papers to learn the details without the legalese you might elsewhere.

Bankruptcy Missteps and Misconceptions

It’s easy.  The First Article of the US Constitution directs Congress to make Bankruptcy laws.  Bankruptcy serves a simple purpose – to give “Relief” to Debtors burdened with overwhelming debt.  It is also simple in concept but the process is fraught with many...

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Ninth Circuit Rules on the Case of the Monkey Selfie

A cynic in my house once described a selfie as a portrait of a monkey taken by a jackass.  For those of you doing more productive things, like rearranging your sock drawer, you might have missed the case of the monkey selfie.  That case settled last fall but, on April...

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Strategies for Home Buyers

As we patiently wait for warmer weather to catch up to last week’s official start of spring, many people are preparing to buy or sell a home. A recent article from housingwire.com notes that the annual jump in home sales starts in March and continues to climb...

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Securing and Protecting Software Code for Start-ups

One of the most important issues for a technology start-up company is ensuring that it is adequately securing and protecting its proprietary software code. Securing Your Software Rights A start-up must first be sure that it has secured all rights in any software code...

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Practice Discretion When Posting on Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow us to communicate instantaneously with people around the world. With a few taps of a finger or thumb, we can share status updates, pictures, and political commentary with friends any time of day,...

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