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Becoming more knowledgeable on any topic is a good thing. There are times when you need to learn the details of a topic but you don’t necessarily need one of our attorneys to explain it to you. You can use these white papers to learn the details without the legalese you might elsewhere.

The “Voluntary Tax” Revisited

In 1976 Harvard Law Professor A. James Casner, an acknowledged expert in estates, told the members of the House Ways and Means Committee: “In fact, we haven’t got an estate tax, what we have, you pay an estate tax if you want to; if you don’t want to, you don’t have...

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The Pros & Cons of Entity Structures

You’ve decided that you want to form a company. Great! Maybe you want to form a simple C corporation, but you’ve heard something about “double taxation,” and you certainly don’t want to pay taxes twice. You’ve also heard people, in passing, mention S corporations, but...

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S Corporations: Contributions or Shareholder Loans?

Many small businesses, organized as S corporations, encounter the problem of cash shortfalls at some point in their existence.As a result, S corporation shareholders are commonly faced with the question, “what is the best way to inject cash into the business, a...

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Bequests of firearms under the New York SAFE Act

A simple bequest in your will is not enough to ensure lawful transfer of a firearm at your death. There are several hoops your executor and beneficiary will have to jump through to make sure the bequest is successful. You will want to make sure they are both as...

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Who is a ‘joint employer’?

In a recent decision rendered in the context of a Union organizing campaign involving Browning Ferris Industries [i], a divided National Labor Relations Board has adopted a greatly expanded standard for determining who is a “joint employer” under the National Labor...

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Landlords, no-pet clauses and emotional support animals

I am often asked for advice by landlords who own a single apartment and property management groups who own multifamily apartment buildings alike, whether they need to accommodate a tenant’s request to have an emotional support animal in light of a no-pet policy at the...

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