ROC Artist Captures Breckenridge Beauty in Sculpture- Install of Syncline in Breckenridge, Colorado

Breckenridge is the first Colorado town to feature a permanent installation by renowned contemporary sculptor Albert Paley, whose work graces cultural art centers from the Smithsonian Institution to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The 24-foot-tall, azure blue, abstract steel sculpture is fabricated from hydraulically formed steel plates. It takes its name from a geological formation, using intersecting convex and concave planes to represent the irregular contours of the mountain milieu, replete with the interplay of slope and light.
​”The emphasis of this sculpture is the focus on the identity of the mountain topography, skiing and winter sports.  The sculptures gestural concave and convex forms refer to the mountain and valley contours. The gestural angle of the sculpture makes reference to the mountains various inclines and slopes.  The silhouettes of these forms are basically curved and “S” shaped arabesques – visually one of the most dramatic visual elements reflecting balance and counter balance of skiing. These contours refer to the lines of force and the trails left by the skier.  This lyric pattern emphasizes the play of line on the snow covered mountain slopes.  Thus the sculptures curvilinear interlacing emphasizes contour and incline. Besides the skiers physical imprint in the snow these lines also reflect the psychological and experiential reality of those involved. Between the two major concave and convex forms there is a series of tumbling or cascading folded metal forms. These are to suggest the experience of skiing – a fluid act of passage or time sequence.  Anticipation, experience and memory are implied within this visual dialogue.”   Albert Paley

This update was provided by Albert Paley.

Photo credit: Liam Doran