Business Succession Planning

We say “our specialty is you,” and that’s the way we work. Everything we do is guided by an understanding and sensitivity to what’s best for our clients

Most business owners meticulously plan and oversee their company’s day to day operations. They dedicate the majority of their waking hours and a substantial amount of their finances to their business. In addition to being their most valuable asset, the business is part of who they are and how they define themselves. It is this close connection that owners establish with their businesses that makes it so difficult for them to plan for the sale of their business prior to their actual departure. However, at some point every owner leaves his or her business, whether voluntarily or otherwise. This is a difficult realization to come to and many owners avoid thinking about it altogether. However, those who accept this reality and take the necessary steps to develop a successful exit plan will ensure that they receive the highest value for their business and provide financial security for their family.

Boylan Code attorneys specialize in wealth succession planning for business owners and provide consultative services to ensure the transition of assets from one phase of ownership to the next and, ultimately, to successive generations. Whether through the sale of a company, a merger, an acquisition, or the use of other business succession tools such as ESOPs, our attorneys maximize the value of assets in a company and structure deals that provide the greatest benefit to our clients. We provide customized services to business owners and key stakeholders to preserve and transfer wealth to their family members, including wills, estate and tax planning, family organizations, and our specialized “Family Compass” program for high net worth individuals. Business owners, shareholders, and executives trust Boylan Code to grow, protect, and transfer their assets.

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