#RealEstateRoundTable – May

May’s Agenda:
We will discuss the proposed bills that could be enacted when existing rent regulation laws expire in June. These laws could impact the rental market in Rochester.
Senator Julia Salazar, “Good Cause” Eviction Bill
  • Senate Bill S2892A, prohibiting eviction without good cause or the non-renewal of residential leases without good cause.
  • Considered to be the first step toward universal rent control.
Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, package of bills
  • Would make rent stabilization currently only in place downstate applicable to the rest of New York.
  • Would increase public assistance payments for housing needs.
  • Upstate Downstate Housing Alliance, a newly formed statewide tenant coalition, seeks to expand the Emergency Tenant Protection Act of 1974, which regulates rents in buildings larger than six units that were constructed before 1974.
  • Includes opt-in program that may be enacted by municipalities that can demonstrate a housing emergency.
  • Vacancy decontrol laws proposed to eliminate the programs that allow landlords to increase rents based on renovation work (major capital improvements and individual apartment improvements) and seeks to disallow the ability to increase rent on lease renewal.
The Local Rochester Housing Coalition, members of the City-Wide Tenant Union, Rochester Homeless Union, VOCAL-NY, House of Mercy, and St. Joseph’s House of Hospitality are all supporting these bills.

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