Family Compass

We say “our specialty is you,” and that’s the way we work. Everything we do is guided by an understanding and sensitivity to what’s best for our clients

The attorneys at Boylan Code recognize the unique planning challenges that high net worth individuals face. We have developed a planning methodology that focuses on the big picture and is tailored to the specific goals and directions of each client. The process begins by accumulating all relevant information regarding family assets and previously established estate planning tools. The second phase involves the creation of a family “compass” (think of this as a family mission statement), wherein we work with our clients to develop and identify their personal and professional goals and directions on which their plan is based. The third and final phase is an ongoing maintenance program to ensure that any changes in assets and new planning techniques are seamlessly integrated into the overall planning strategy and family mission. We seek to fill the role of “trusted advisor” for our clients and to be the repository of all planning information, serving as the coordinator of each client’s advisory team.

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