With the new Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019 that Govenor Cumo signed into law in late June, the real industry across NYS is changing. To help unite Upstate New York property owners, developers and landlords, NYCRRA, Boylan Code and several other sponsors have created theUnify Upstate Landlords” event happening on Tuesday, September 10th at Turning Stone Resort Casino.

As of this morning, there are 265 registrants and we’re expecting 300 or more by Tuesday. The goal of the meeting is solidfy a strategy for how to fight back on certain provisions of the law that are deemed unreasonable or unfair to property owners and the businesses they run. This will be one of many events that happen over the next several months as the group continues to push foward and put pressure on state legislators to make ammendements to the new law.

Given the high profile nature of the meeting, Jaime Michelle Cain and therefore the firm have been mentioned in the press several times over the last few months.  Here are just a couple of related news articles published by The Albany Business Review and the Syracuse Post:

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