Caitlin Durso has been with Boylan Code for nearly four years!

When she first joined the firm she was a lending assistant, now she’s an accounting specialist.

Get to know Caitlin a little bit better:

1.) On any given day, what does your work routine look like? What do you do/focus on?
I handle all of the firm’s finances, so essentially, I make sure we pay others AND get paid. I have a laundry list of daily duties: check bank accounts, post all time entries for the firm, write checks, go through mail and make necessary deposits, enter all payable’s for the firm, run pre-bills and finalize any necessary bills for the attorneys… to name a few.

2.) What part of your job do you enjoy the most?
I’m a nerd when it comes to numbers! I love checks and balances and being a part of firm’s overall operation. It also doesn’t hurt that I truly enjoy working with the people here at Boylan Code.

3.) What’s one interesting fact that no one knows about you?
Well, despite my love for numbers, some would be shocked to find out that I’m actually dyslexic! So, I really need to be careful when I’m crunching figures. I’ve gotten into a habit of triple-checking all of my work, just to be safe.

4.) What are some of your hobbies/interests?
I’m a sports lover through and through, I love anything and everything sports related. Growing up I would eat, sleep and breathe hockey, it’s one of my favorite sports! To this day, I still find time to play in a co-ed hockey league once a week. I also really like watching football and baseball. When I’m not watching or participating in sports, you’ll find me outdoors. Whether it’s camping in the woods, walking on the beach, or simply sitting on my balcony, I will find any reason to be outside!