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Becoming more knowledgeable on any topic is a good thing. There are times when you need to learn the details of a topic but you don’t necessarily need one of our attorneys to explain it to you. You can use these white papers to learn the details without the legalese you might elsewhere.


In a famous skit from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake engage in a “Twitter conversation”.  In this hilarious two-minute skit, the dynamic duo mainly use hashtags to communicate.  Hashtags are a type of meta-data tag used on...

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The Pass-Through Deduction is (Probably) For You

The Treasury Department recently released proposed regulations to better explain a portion of the new Federal tax code that applies to pass-through entities.  Before exploring the content of selected portions of the proposed regulations, it is important to understand...

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Yada, Yada, Yada! 2018 Fair Housing Update

Remember the old Seinfeld episode when Kramer went on a smoking binge for 72 hours and even set up a “smoking lounge” for “pipe night” in his apartment?  You know, the one where Jerry told Kramer that the smoking was starting to negatively impact his appearance, so...

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Boylan Code Client News: Albert Paley

ROC Artist Captures Breckenridge Beauty in Sculpture- Install of Syncline in Breckenridge, Colorado Breckenridge is the first Colorado town to feature a permanent installation by renowned contemporary sculptor Albert Paley, whose work graces cultural art centers from...

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