Advances in Technology and the Evolution of Service

I recently had a client come into my office with a foot high stack of documents mailed to him over several months in Kodak’s bankruptcy. For him, the volume rendered a review an all or nothing proposal; unfortunately, he chose the latter, hoping instead that I... read more

Social Media: What’s Your Popularity Worth

By David K. Hou, Esq. Good news!  In my (fake) job as an advisor at a technology consultancy, I have accumulated 50,000 followers on my “@TechFanaticDavid” Twitter account, and through my diligence I have amassed enough contacts on LinkedIn to be... read more

Legal fight over the right to flight

By JAMES E. METZLER Tuesday July 24, 2007 THE DAILY RECORD Most Americans learned in school that Wilbur and Orville Wright invented the airplane. Less well known is the intense legal battle over the rights to their invention of modern-day flight, which took place in... read more

Avoid a Motion for Contempt

Don’t Let Your Client’s Noncompliance With An Injunction Order Lead To A Motion For Contempt. By David K. Hou, Esq. The worst case scenario has happened and the court has imposed a TRO, or preliminary or permanent injunction against your client, enjoining... read more