Advances in Technology and the Evolution of Service

I recently had a client come into my office with a foot high stack of documents mailed to him over several months in Kodak’s bankruptcy. For him, the volume rendered a review an all or nothing proposal; unfortunately, he chose the latter, hoping instead that I could... read more

Social Media: What’s Your Popularity Worth

By David K. Hou, Esq. Good news!  In my (fake) job as an advisor at a technology consultancy, I have accumulated 50,000 followers on my “@TechFanaticDavid” Twitter account, and through my diligence I have amassed enough contacts on LinkedIn to be within... read more

Avoid a Motion for Contempt

Don’t Let Your Client’s Noncompliance With An Injunction Order Lead To A Motion For Contempt. By David K. Hou, Esq. The worst case scenario has happened and the court has imposed a TRO, or preliminary or permanent injunction against your client, enjoining... read more