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The Uniform Law Commission

By: Justin L. Vigdor Boylan Code, LLP Every lawyer is familiar with the Uniform Commercial Code, and most lawyers are familiar with various other statutes having the word “Uniform” in their title, as for example, the Uniform Gifts to Minors Act. Few lawyers, however,... read more

Sidebar – The Supreme Court and the Environment

In early April, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down two landmark environmental decisions. The decisions are bound to change the legal landscape surrounding emissions regulation. The first gives the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) a direction to regulate... read more

The United States supreme court limits

By Scott Mooney Monday October 2, 2006 new york real estate journal On June 19th, the U.S. supreme court issued its long-awaited ruling addressing the scope of the Clean Water Act’s authority over remote wetlands. The five-four plurality decision delivered in the... read more

Public Performance License Fees

By Mark Costello, Esq.Friday June 13, 2003The Daily Record As an entertainment lawyer, I frequently am asked probing and important legal questions such as, “Where can I get a good snake tattoo?,” “How can I get $100,000.00 worth of new equipment free?” and “You have... read more