Overview of Bankruptcy Concepts

When a debtor realizes that he has more debt than he can handle and needs a fresh start, he petitions Bankruptcy Court for relief, surrenders his property to his creditors and is discharged of his debts. This is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, grossly over-simplified. Chapter... read more

Impact of Bankruptcy on Matrimonial Cases

What a Bankruptcy Lawyer Thinks Judges Should Know In 30 years of practice in Creditors Rights and Bankruptcy law, and twenty or more years of intermittent Matrimonial practice, Christopher Werner has often had occasion to consult with judges (usually via their... read more

Estate Planning Primer (May 2008)

Since each person has a certain “credit exemption”, it is a sin for any married couple to have any Federal estate tax imposed on an amount up to their combined exemptions. That is, if the exemption is $2,000,000 per person, the couple should never pay any... read more