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What’s New

In our final roundtable with Bernard Reisz, CPA, CPCU you’ll hear tax strategies and recommendations for real estate investors who may face the Biden tax plan, if elected in November. You’ll also learn how charitable contributions and life insurance can be leveraged for real estate investment.

Thank you Bernard for this amazing and informational three-part series on the Biden tax plan, and strategies for real estate investors to consider as we forge ahead into 2021.

Learn more about Bernard and ReSure active investment accounts here: https://www.401kcheckbook.com/

#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 88 - 8/4/20 - Biden Tax Plan Deep Dive & Real Estate Investors

Elimination of the IRC 1031 exchange has been proposed before and even limited to use for real property under the Trump Administration; but for real estate investors, the 1031 exchange is one of the most widely used and beneficial tax tools out there. Watch the second video in this three part series with Bernard Reisz, CPA, CPCU to get a deep dive into the Biden tax plan, his proposal to repeal IRC 1031, and the impact to real estate investors.

Learn more about Bernard and ReSure active investor accounts here: https://www.401kcheckbook.com/

#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 87 - 8/3/20 - Leveraging Tax-Sheltered Retirement Accounts

Get to know Bernard Reisz, CPA, CPCU in the first of this three part video series on the #RealEstateRoundtable+ with Jaime Michelle Cain, Esq. In today’s video, Bernard will provide a high-level overview of Biden’s proposed tax plan, and how real estate investors can begin to leverage tax-sheltered retirement accounts for real estate investment purposes.

Learn more about Bernard and ReSure active investment accounts here: https://www.401kcheckbook.com/ 

#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 70 - This video is private. If you'd like a link contact Lisa Baumgartner.

#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 44 - 5/22/20

#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 43 - 5/21/20

#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 42 - 5/20/20

#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 41 - 5/19/20

#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 39 - 5/15/20

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#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 35 - 5/11/20

#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 34 - 5/8/20

#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 33 - 5/7/20

#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 32 - 5/6/20

BOMA Rochester Zoom Recording - Jaime Cain & Austin Judkins

#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 31 - 5/5/20

#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 30 - 5/4/20

#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 29 - 4/30/20

#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 28 (part a) - 4/28/20

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#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 16 - 4/9/20

#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 15 - 4/8/20

#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 14 - 4/7/20

#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 13 - 4/6/20

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#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 10 (part A) - 4/1/20

#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 10 (part B) - 4/1/20

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#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 3 - 3/23/20

#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 2 - 3/20/20

#RealEstateRoundtable+ - Video 1 - 3/13/20

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  1. My tenants have not paid since September 2019. Their lease commenced on May 1,2019 and it went month to month after that. They are seasonal resort cleaners and really did not work after October, 2019. The only rents I have received have been money they have obtained from the Church of Latter Day Saints. They are working now, but I am not really sure when they restarted. I don’t think they were working during the first part of the Covid crisis. They advised me they can only do work where they can take their 5 children to work with them. He has a DWI conviction and can’t legally drive. This is limiting.

    First question :Can I start an eviction notice now for the time period of September, 2019 through March 20, 2020? Presumably they could argue they were affected by Covid-19 due to the shutdown of the hospitality industry. However, it this area the hospitality industry basically closes from Columbus Day until May. They told me last fall their hours were cut. But my action would be limited to the period before the March 20 executive order. I am (may be) prepared to give them rent forgiveness for March 20 until June 20, even though they began working again in May.

    They kept telling me they would pay all arrears rent when they got their taxes back. To date, they maintain they have not gotten taxes back and did not receive any unemployment or nor stimulus money. I have a string of text messages indicating my willingness to help and their abusive texts back. They also have texted me that leases “mean Jack” during this time period.

    Second question: Can I issue an eviction notice and a non-renewal of lease notice simultaneously?

    You may have covered this situation, but I just became aware of this (awesome) forum.

    • Hi Dan, in order to answer your question(s) I need to know if there is a federally backed mortgage on this property. Tune in to today’s 2 p.m. Zoom meeting, as we will be going over this. Thanks!

  2. Hello Jaime June 20th is right around the corner – what is the current 14 day notice direction. can we serve Monday (6-8)?
    you are awesome…

  3. Jaime,
    I saw weekly rent payment an agenda item for today but must have missed it if it was addressed. I see many advantages, especially when tied to automatic electronic payment. What legal considerations are implied? Thank you!


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