Warren Sinclair was facing a challenging situation with his parents’ estate in New Jersey, made even more complicated by issues with siblings. “We contacted Will and Trust lawyers in both New York and New Jersey,” said Will’s wife Nancy, “and the attorney from Boylan Code was the only one who personally called us back. She looked at everything we had and answered all of our questions.” And when the situation became even more contentious, The Sinclair’s Boylan Code attorney got in touch with the lawyer in New Jersey, appeared in person on Warren’s behalf, and resolved the issue in favor of the Sinclairs.

“Our attorney explains things in a way we can understand,” Warren says. “She gives us sound advice. We feel like we’re in good hands. She helped us develop a trust for our girls and decide on guardians if something should happen to us. For Nancy and me, working with Boylan Code is a very comfortable experience.”