Why Choose Us


Boylan Code is a team of more than fifty attorneys and paralegals, with dozens of areas of expertise, and hundreds of years of collective experience.

And it’s all for you.

Our approach is holistic – we want to understand and serve you, your family, your business, your unique issues and challenges, and your opportunities. Because we measure our client relationships in years, not hours.


Every healthy relationship begins by getting to know one another.

When you come to Boylan Code, our first order of business is to sit down and talk. Together, we’re able to assess your immediate legal needs. Through our discussions, we can begin to determine what other issues are before you. As these issues unfold, we can bring in specific members of the Boylan Code team who are experts in the topics at hand.

When you become a client, we’re all at your disposal. Your legal team is fluid. You draw from a stable of award winning attorneys as you need them. Through it all, you’ll have your go-to counsel as a trusted advisor and relationship manager. It’s your Primary Care Attorney, if you will. It’s your first contact, always in the loop, always responsive person. We believe it’s an important way to assuage some of the anxiety that legal situations can bring.


Contact us today and we’ll set up a time to talk – the introductory discussion is on us.