Elder Law

Seniors have special legal needs that are best served by an attorney with extensive, specialized knowledge and expertise in elder law. Elder law encompasses a range of important issues, including traditional estate planning, advanced healthcare directives, and long-term care planning to protect assets and pay for medical expenses beyond what most insurance plans provide. Our attorneys have traditional estate planning training and experience with the nuances of elder law to serve you and your loved ones.

Comprehensive Planning

Within our elder law practice, we work with our clients to address important legal, financial, and family issues related to aging. We strive, through an extensive review with you, to determine your wishes and then work with you to preserve your hard-earned savings. Through the process, we will review income tax consequences, as well as any estate and gift tax consequences, of any recommendations we make. We then create and help you implement a uniquely tailored plan that, in many cases, will allow you or a loved one to obtain payment for long-term care needs while preserving the maximum possible amount of assets.

Crisis Appointments

We recognize that our clients often need our services due to a crisis situation, and we reserve weekly appointments to provide quick access when you or your loved one are suffering. We work extensively with other non-legal professionals and can provide referrals so that you do not need to spend one minute navigating your crisis alone.

Array of Services

Our broad experience lends itself to many types of matters that arise for our clients. A sample of the type of elder law work we do includes:

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